Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) – Personal Hardship and Assistance Scheme (PHAS)

PHAS grants support homeowners and tenants experiencing immediate hardship. Personal Hardship Assistance Scheme Grants (for individuals) include:
• Immediate Hardship Assistance: $180 per person (up to $900 for a family of five or more) for people who are unable to meet their immediate essential needs for food, essential clothing and medication.
• Essential Household Contents: of up to $1,765 for individuals (up to $5300 for a family) to eligible people who do not have the relevant insurance and have had damage to their homes and belongings as a result of the disaster and who meet the income threshold.
• Structural Assistance: of up to $10,995 for individuals (up to $14,685 for a family) for people who are uninsured, or unable to claim insurance, as a contribution towards repairs to their home to make it secure and safe and who meet the income threshold.
• Essential Services Safety and Reconnection Scheme: up to 4 essential service reconnections (e.g. electricity, gas, water or sewerage) at maximum $200 each and repair to damaged service items to a maximum total of $4200.


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