29 Nov

Working through tough times

Article excerpt provided by SuperFriend Major events like relationship break-ups or the…

Article excerpt provided by SuperFriend

Major events like relationship break-ups or the death of a loved one can be life-changing. However, if an entire community goes through a challenging period, such as the droughts and bushfires we’re currently seeing, we need to work together as a community to lighten the load for each other.

Shared experience provides the opportunity for communities to come together in a way they may not do so otherwise. It is this connectedness that benefits our community and there are ways we can all encourage this connection, as a protective layer against the feeling of helplessness and despair.

If someone is doing it really tough – ask how you can help Experiences that aren’t within our control often leave people feeling powerless. Something that can help a friend, neighbour or member of your community to restore some sense of control in their life is to ask their permission for anything that you do. This will also allow them to direct you to the most effective way you could provide support. The act of giving support to someone else is also one of the proven ways to improve your own wellbeing.

Give yourself permission to feel how you feel

Feelings of loss and sadness – even if they are not your own – can challenge us personally, as it is natural to share the pain of others. These feelings are completely normal at any time, and even more so during difficult circumstances. Your experience will be as unique as you are and there is no right or wrong way to go through trying times. Give yourself permission to feel how you feel and remind yourself that it will get easier.

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27 Nov

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